Time to Be Honest

In the past half of a year or so, there are so many doors of opportunity that have opened for me. Although all other aspects of my life were taking off I believe I left my blog behind unintentionally, and then I felt like I lost interest. I lost interest in trying to reach my followers because I felt there weren’t very many and because there were so many bloggers in my topic of interest. Once a month, then two months, and then several months past I became comfortable with letting the blog fade to black. I feel this journey of findings my niche is one I’ve let fall to waste side.  So for all of my followers out there wondering what happened to CurlsofEden, that would be the sad truth. I plan to take a new approach to the blog and begin blogging about all topics popular and unpopular. It is a process that will take some time but  I believe the growth of the blog will be much more authentic and not stuck in a box of uncertainty. Thank you to all those that did read and follow and I hope to be connecting with you soon!

The Revolutionary Return

Hey Gorgeous Flowers!, I know it seems CurlsofEden fell into a dark age. It’s been at least 4 months since the last post and during that time I’ve opened new chapters in my life, met some new people, and started new journeys. I also had to reevaluate if continuing this blog was something I really wanted. Not having a camera to do my YouTube channel and struggling to still find a graphic designer. I decided that 2016 would be the year I stopped the on and off cycle and working out fell into that same category. Going to the gym two days in a row and then stopping and falling off from my original schedule. I feel that this year brings fresh air in my life and a new perspective. Three things that have occurred and majorly impacted me is 1. Trying new things with my hair (a wig for the first time 2. Improving on my makeup techniques and 3. Being more confident in my professional development. Mentally I’m in a better space and now I can move forward. Thank you for all those that have followed and supported this blog and I look toward to a great new year with you!  



It’s sad and interesting how easy it is to forget things when much needed relaxation is occurring. Yesterday was my 1 year BlogAversary!!!! It’s been an interesting first year. I’ve learned how much work it takes to stay committed to this blog life. I’ve had some absent spans of time. But I’ve regrouped and have some excited plans for this new year I’m entering into, and learned I need to improve on my consistency. For all my visitors, social media followers and subscribers Thank you!

Body Love

choose you always.

Loving your body can be incredibly challenging, especially for women. We live in a society where small sizes are the norm and people strive to lose weight to be liked and idolized by others, with hopes of fitting into that norm. We live in a society where the media Photoshop the bodies of celebrities to make them appear more curvy in the “right places” and thinner as if something were wrong with being a size 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 and having curves all over. Several issues can develop from not loving and accepting your body including depression, anxiety, self-consciousness, emotional and physical damage, and in some cases self-harm and suicide.


We may not always feel love towards our bodies but honoring, accepting, and respecting that our body is a vital part of who we are is very important. I can see a change happening where more people are accepting their…

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The Update and the Return!

Hey gorgeous flowers! I know its been a little over a month since my last post. I started my new job or internship shall I say, and I’ve been extremely tired to say the least. Getting up at 4:30 is absolutely no joke, but I have returned and we are about to turn over a new leaf and try another protective style. Before I return to college life I will be getting some marley twists (it will be the second time might I add) and instead of red they will be black. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with you guys and watching this new journey I am on. This summer has been absolutely amazing and this upcoming semester is going to be even better. Unfortunately the launch of the YouTube page hasn’t happened as planned, but I’m working diligently to bring it to you guys to give you visuals and allow you to really get to know me and feel apart of the Garden. I haven’t forgotten about you and beauty will soon be apart of the CurlsofEden brand. For all of the you that have read my posts and checked out my pages, thank you it is much appreciated. Strap yourselves in and keep your eyes peeled! Don’t forget to follow CurlsofEden on Tumblr, Twitter: _curlsofeden, and Instagram: _curlsofeden_

Expression: Hair and the Workplace

Hey flowers! Considering that I will be starting my new job relatively soon, I’m looking for this post to be more of an open forum for you guys, ladies gentlemen alike. I’m curious as to what you guys have experienced in response to your hair choices in the corporate and non-corporate workforce.  If you’d like to send in submissions of your experiences to be featured here, send them to  curlsofeden10@gmail.com You can also submit fashion items of your choice,hairstyles, and products! Leave all your comments and questions below!

Validity and Purpose of Our Hair Platforms

Now I’ve always been one to speak openly on my opinions and perspectives, but always in the right time and place. I recently read a Instagram post that said, paraphrasing of course, natural hair blogs are unnecessary and we should sit down and worry about our own hair and not someone else’s. The post also discussed that “natural hair blogs” were simply trying to promote the image and techniques to get  natural hair of the loose curl pattern and texture and degrade those of us, including me, that have courser, kinkier textures.  She also included aspects of color-ism which included grouping women of lighter complexions with loose curl patterns to those with darker complexions and kinkier textures.  Now this person was not a hair blogger, health blogger, vlogger or any of the sort, but spoke so openly grouping all of us that do blog about natural hair or hair in general. Continue reading

Mix&Match Deep-Condition Regimen

Now I’m sure when people see this they’ll be looking extremely confused as to the name choice, but I assure you it makes sense. Within the picture below you will see four products that I used recently in my deep-conditioning regimen. Unfortunately, the Palmer’s Shea Formula duo  didn’t continue to give me the results I had hoped in the shampoo. As I mentioned in the review on the YouTube page, The bottle explicitly states that it does not contain any parabens or sulfates, but it does lather. imageAfter several uses and following this past use, I came to realization that the shampoo was in fact striping my hair of its essential oils. I will be looking for another duo or an all in one shampoo and conditioner. The Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner from one of the lines is sure to soon appear for a review on the blog (stay tuned). I incorporated the Lavender Mint Treatment Oil by Wen, which my mother who actually had been using herself, and instead of my favorite African Pride Olive Miracle Leave-In Conditioner, I used Shea Moisture’s Strengthen Growth & Restore Leave-In Conditioner. Outside of the shampoo and conditioner I will be using these products regularly in the future and will give you guys updates on how they perform.

Falling in Love With Potential 

choose you always.

Have you ever stayed in a relationship (romantic, friendship, business-related, etc.) that didn’t meet your desire but you stayed anyway hoping that it would change because you saw the potential?

It’s something that a lot of people have done as I have done myself. I always see the potential in people. Try to look past the little things and focus on the “what could be” aspect of them. What our future could be like if this, that, and that were different. I’ve recently learned how harmful that can be for the relationship and for myself as well.
It is so easy to fall in love with someone’s potential and often times we recognize that maybe that’s all it will ever be. When you fall in love with someones potential, you forget to pay attention to reality. You make excuses for the things people do that you don’t like, you give…

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